Calculator Powertoy for Windows XP

Calculator Powertoy for Windows XP 1.0

Calculator Powertoy is a powerful calculation tool engineers, students, etc
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Calculator Powertoy is a powerful calculation tool engineers, students and math users.
In the numeric mode it works like a regular calculator, but the user can set the precision (s)he wants: low (32bit resolution), medium (64bit resolution), high (128bit resolution) and extreme (512bit resolution).
-For large numbres calculations, the calculator alerts about the slow operation using extreme resolution.-

The output results can be obtained in hexadecimal, decimal or binary mode.

Basic functions include add, substract, multiply, divide, potential, square root and absolute value. The user can also operate on Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) by selecting this option.

For angle calculations, it can be set anytime to work with radians, degrees ot grads.

Trigonometry functions include cos, cosh, acos, acosh, sin, sinh, asin, asinh, tan, tanh, atan and atanh.

Logarithmic functions include exponential, log10 and Ln.

It also offers the possibility of working with user functions: g(x) and function(var), where the user sets the apropriate operation to accomplish.

A very useful conversion section manage length (metric and Imperial), mass (metric and Imperial), time (day, minute and second), velocity (metric and Imperial), and temperature (celsius, farenheit and kelvin) units.

For any function with single variable, the calculator can display the graphical output and save it as a bmp file.

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